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Fast Facts


West-Oak Middle School will produce students
that communicate effectively and solve problems
through innovative solutions. We will create a
culture and climate where students, faculty, and
community all take ownership in the success of
our students on their path to becoming college
and career ready. This vision will be realized
through a variety of learning experiences and
opportunities for a career exploration between the
school, community, parents, and business leaders.


The mission of West-Oak
Middle School is to guide
students on their path to being
college and career ready.


Warriors’ Path to Success: Programs and Initiatives

 1:1 Student Chromebooks
This was our third year implementing the 1:1 Initiative where every student received a
Chromebook. Chromebooks were essential for teachers to continue instructing their students
during a year with Covid-19 restrictions. Students were able to continue their education while
Face to Face in the classroom, at home doing online school, or at home during a short-term
quarantine because of the 1:1 student Chromebooks.

 FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)
FCA met every Thursday morning in our WOMS cafeteria with praise and worship, an
encouraging message, and prayer. Students who participated were challenged to examine
themselves and make a difference at WOMS.

FFA (Future Farmers of America)
FFA continued to meet monthly and educate students about agricultural opportunities outside of
the classroom. They also created blankets for Collins Children’s Home as a local project.

Monthly Newsletters
Families were kept informed of all WOMS news and events in our Monthly Newsletters.
Newsletters included announcements from the Beta Club, Student Council, Athletic events, and
upcoming events for students and families.

Principal’s Luncheons
These events encourage students to strive for excellence and earn the opportunity to attend a
meal provided from local restaurant in our Media Center (due to Covid-19 restrictions) if they
maintain a 93 or higher in each of their courses. Luncheons were held at the conclusion of each
academic quarter.

Saturday School
Students who were failing one or more class after the first semester were encouraged to attend
school on Saturday mornings starting in February to bring up their grades. Students who came to
Saturday School were given extra help to complete their assignments and many pulled up their

Summer Meal Program
WOMS hosted the Westminster Area School meal program during the Spring and Summer
Covid-19 shutdown for parents to pick up breakfast and lunch meals for their students.

Virtual Programming
Students opting to stay at home for the school year participated in virtual learning through online
Google Meet class lessons. Teachers met with students virtually everyday to teach them the
lessons they would have received if they had been on campus.

Teaching During a Pandemic
WOMS teachers worked diligently to provide our students with a seamless
classroom experience during a school-year full of classroom interruptions due to the
Covid-19 pandemic and mandated quarantines. Pandemic initiatives included:

Teaching virtually through Google Meet to accommodate students who chose to remain

at home during the school year.

Streamlining students assignments in Google Classroom so students can access

assignments at home and at school.

Wearing masks while teaching and/or allowing outdoor mask-breaks.

Social distancing in a classroom with desks placed 6 feet apart.

Sanitizing student desks in between each class period.

Keeping record of student seating assignments for contact tracing.

677 Students    226 6th Graders    
58 Certified Staff    226 7th Graders   
26 Support Staff    225 8th Graders


51% Male
49% Female

93% Caucasian
3% African American
2% Hispanic
1% Two or more races
1% Other